Sin Boldly!

In these confusing times, many false prophets - trumpeting their heresies to the skies - are in positions of power and influence confusing the minds of the young. Colleges today, and bookstores, and the internet are a babble of conflicting idiocies. Through all this noise and mud, Sin Boldly! clears a path and shines a light for sanity.

The purpose of this book is to give those still searching for their voice the kick in the pants they need to join the strivers. It also is aimed at the many strivers who need the encouragement to strive harder, to persevere, to keep on keeping on. Last but not least, Dr. Dave reveals the difference between the merely noisy and the sweet tones of pure Jazz, between words that confuse and words that communicate, between nonsense and common sense.

Whether writing memos to the boss, freshman papers, or best-selling novels, a writer needs what every jazz player cherishes: technical skill and a willingness to put oneself out there naked to the world, exposed, vulnerable, but wailing with the spirit. Too many would-be writers are 98 word weaklings hiding behind timid little sheets of paper terrified that some verbal bully will spit ink in their faces. But to write is to put oneself on stage, naked before the world. To realize that, to accept that, to learn how to do that is the foremost requirement for success. Go for it!

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